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This romantic dramedy is the story of LAURA, 31, who carries a lot of emotional baggage from a car accident 10 years ago that crippled her slightly. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island with her GRAN, 80, who is savvy and no-nonsense. When STEVE, 35, a recently fired shock jock DJ, and his lively son DOUG, 9, come into the house as renters, Laura retreats even more deeply into herself. But it's their presence - and the continued interference of her grandmother - that brings Laura back to life... as the artist, and woman, she was meant to be. And Laura does the same for Steve - helps him to see he's not the crass guy he pretends to be on the radio, but is much deeper. It's funny, sweet and life-affirming when two people - each crippled in different ways - are forced to co-exist. Perhaps it was providence that they met....


Unlike other medical shows that deal with interns - who are in their 5th year of med school - AFI deals with med students from year one on. It's a rude awakening - because when these 21-year-olds deal with their personal cadaver on day one, it makes it hard to hide from the reality of their own mortality... so they become very serious by day, and very daredevil by night. And for the audience, the secrets of med school are uncovered in ways that will astound them.

Using CSI-like computer generation, AFI goes inside the human body to help tell its stories; and because of its diverse cast of characters, audiences are going to feel the relationship sizzle of a Sex and the City and the dramatic pathos of Mad Men.

GAY FOR A DAY [2012]

An outrageous womanizer laments the fact that women are so all over him he can't even go out to brunch with one and just talk. When a new girl in town mistakenly thinks he's gay, he decides to go with it - she's nice, smart, not his type sexually, so the perfect brunch date. But when he realizes he's falling for her, he can't tell her - because after a bad break up she's paranoid about falling for another guy who lies to her. Caught.

STAND & FIGHT [2012]

Set in the Civil War, this tells the story of two teenage sisters who were spies for the confederacy and a slave from their father's plantation. Based on true events, the story follows the characters through the five years of the Civil War and shows a different war than we've seen before--one seen through the eyes of the young.

TIME WARP [in progress]

Set in the volatile world of physics and string theory, this story focuses on a love triangle and a struggle for supremacy over the rights to an invention that, for one of our three characters, is worth killing for.

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