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Screenwriter and Author


33rd Annual American Studies Conference, Istanbul, Turkey
[by invitation of the American Embassy] Opening Keynote Speaker: Adapting America, America Adapted
Aloha Writer's Conference, Maui, Hawaii
Keynote Speaker on Screenwriting
American Library in Paris, Evenings with an Author series, Paris, France
The Art of Screenwriting
AWP Conference, Boston, MA
The Place of Screenwriting in the Literary World
BFI [British Film Institute] Literature on Screen Conference, London, UK
Adapting the Unadaptable: The Screenwriter's Process
Boston Aetheaneum Civic Discourse Series, Boston, MA
The Candidate and Political Consulting in Today's World
California Arts Festival, Fresno, CA
Featured Presenter on Screenwriting
Cape Cod Writers Conference, Nantucket Sound
Writer-in-Residence - Screenwriting
Emerson Public Talk, Los Angeles Campus
Writing a Killer First 10 Pages
European Jamesian Society Conference, Paris, France
Speech on American Naïvité versus European Sophistication in Daisy Miller
General Motors/Women in Film, Boston, MA
Endowed Speaker on Screenwriting Today
Griffon International Film Festival, St. Joseph, MO
Keynote Speaker on Screenwriting
Hawaii Writers' Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii
Featured Speaker on Adapting Unfilmable Books/Unfilmable Lives
Hawaii Writers' Retreat, Honolulu, Hawaii
Featured Speaker, Five Things You Should Know About Hollywood
Maui Writers' Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii
Featured Speaker on True Stories: Adapting a Life to the Screen
Featured Speaker on Getting to the Heart of Your Characters

National Museum of American History and the Smithsonian Latino Center, Boston, MA
FRIDA and the Mexican Revolution
PCA/ACA Conference, Boston, MA
The Icon in Film Adaptation
PCA/ACA Conference, San Francisco, CA
Adaptation Theory in Practice - a roundtable devoted to Diane's work
PCA/ACA Conference, Washington, D.C.
Violet Strange: Bringing Anna Katharine Green's Heroine to a UK Radio Audience
SAMLA Conference, Raleigh, NC
American Naïvité vs. European Sophistication in Daisy Miller: From Novella to Play to Film
Stonecoast Writer's Residency, University of Maine
Featured Presenter - Screenwriting
We Care Charity Event, Chatham, MA
Panel Chair, Speaker on Adapting Women's Stories to the Screen
Writers on Writing, Bay Path College, Sturbridge, MA
Screenwriting for Today
University of California, , Fullerton, CA
Guest Speaker on Creating Idiosyncratic Dialogue
University of Glamorgan, Cardiff, Wales UK
Keynote Speaker, Screenwriting in America: Major Themes in US Drama and Culture
University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC
Guest Speaker on The Business of Screenwriting

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